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I've learned that this world can be a harsh will swallow you whole and try to tear you into a million pieces if you let it. People come into and out of your life ...leaving sometimes good and bad memories, that's just the thing ,life tries to rip me apart and take me down and it failed. I'm too strong for that...I'm brave and courageous person that has fought for everything that I am and have. No one and nothing can ever take that away from me...I have a voice and I will be heard, not just to make noise, because I have something to say. Everyone won't always agree with me...or what I have to say, that's okay, never am I going to apologize for who I am or how I see life. Always going to be myself outspoken, proud and strong !!!

I will still continue everyday to be heard and seen...I'm more than just your ordinary woman, I'm a fiery warrior that won't be disrespected, denied or ignored. I'm a woman with fire inside me...maybe lots of people won't like who I am or what I believe in, they don't have too. It's my life my journey...I'm focused on growing, evolving and finding myself. My life is hard enough without having to worry about pleasing I'll take a pass on that. Truth be told I'm not that worried about all the nonsense anyways, they'll catch up eventually and respect my fire. If not they'll just be one of those that gets burned along the way...everyday in every way I'll always be true to myself. Strong...proud and fiery, so watch out world, from now on I'm playing for keeps !!!


Stay safe



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