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Sometimes I feel like I can't keep going...when the storms of life beat me up and take away my spark. That's when I need to be at my best, because I always find a way to get back up...stand proudly and keep fighting. For me things don't always go as planned and even turns a little weird sometimes, but I'm a woman that can't be stopped, denied or quieten. It's hard...I try to stop listening to those little voices telling me that I can't, that I aren't good enough, and I don't deserve better. I know I'm good enough and I surely deserve better...just because I get emotional and cry doesnt always mean that I'm weak , I have moments were I doubt myself, I sometimes wonder where I'll find the strength to go on. That doesn't make me defense less...It means that I'm human !!!

I'll never be perfect or good enough, there will always be times that try to tear me apart, always remember who you are. I think back to the battles I've overcome...most people can't even imagine. I'm so much more than just a woman, and anyone who thinks I'm not, is not worth my time. I find my friends who know who I am and appreciate their amazing qualities. I'm a woman who has overcome battles most can't even imagine...I'm a warrior, a survivor, a fighter, a mother and I'm a friend. I'm so many things to so many people and I always remember what matters most. Be good to myself and don't neglect the things i need to be happy and feel purpose. So when life looks me in the eye and try to scare me...i take a deep breath, open my eyes wide and stare back at life, with the fierce gaze that is so and undeniably me...strong, powerful and always unstoppable ,the only person that can stop you is you !!!


Stay safe



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