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Broken people have the deepest love...they never ask anyone to feel sorry for them, they strong in so many ways that the world will never understand. Not because they asked to be strong...they life never give them any other choices. They story is one like many others, heartache and heartbreak, loss and failure, struggles and dissapointments...except they pick up the pieces so many times and keep going forward. Never questioning their paths or troubled journey, they just keep climbing because that's just who they have become, never asking for a handout or help (unless they were forced to)...they learn the hard way to depend on themselves and expect nothing from anyone else. People would often tell them how they admired there fortitude and loved there inner strength...they just nod and smile warmly...hiding the inner pain !!!

Nobody knows the price they pay to tough up and the fire they walked through to keep going sometimes...the same fire they had to become in order to survive the storms of their lives. They haven't had a day without struggles or had anything just given to them...for them life has never been easy. That's why they appreciate everything so deeply...that's why they feel the emotions and victories so much. They endured darkness for so long, that the light gets more brighter each day. They not the ones to do anything halfway...they never left anything unsaid, undone or untried. They journey of hard times and bad days makes them cherish the good times, and the good people !!!


Stay safe


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