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Queens aren't born...they're made, her crown is forged in fire. I haven't had an easy life, infact it has often brought me to my knees. People I meet are astounded at my strength, they don't know the struggles I endured to become the woman I am today. Fires that threatened to tear me apart (I've survived)...I still cry when I'm alone ,sometimes I can barely keep it together, but I know what I have to do to keep moving forward (put on a brave front). There's days that I still battle to keep a smile on my face...I've become use to wearing a fake smile cause I'm a fighter and a survivor. I've walked through fire...risen from the ashes (got burnt in the process but never gave up), I've survived the hardest of times. I don't regret any of the challenges I've faced (it only made me stronger), I thrive with my head lifted high...I'm done living day to day !!!

I'm determined to rise above and find my own wings...I'm no princess ,nor am I a damsel in distress ,or a strayed girl in search of being rescue...I'm a queen who turned her pain into power and in transformation of a better life. I'm not settling, accepting no excuses and no longer allowing anyone to mistreat or disrespect me. I don't have no plans ,no answers for my journey ahead...I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I'm okay with the mysteries. I'm gritty ,courageous and full of zeal...I do however fall and stumble, take some wrong turns and make some bad decisions. I do own my mistakes and appreciate life...for me strong is the new pretty, I'm not out to impress or win anyone's approval. I enjoy my alone life, it's my best life, I spread sparkle ,love and sassy wherever I go. Whenever someone calls me "princess", "hot", or "sweetheart", I look at them and remind them in the most charming way (I think you mispronouncing queen) with a smile and a wink ...they realize I'm one of a kind !!!


Stay safe



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