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Today has just been one of those days...everything is going wrong for me. Wish I could reverse or forward this day, feeling like I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed. It's like this world, this universe and everyone in it is after me...nothing seems to going right for me, I'm receiving more and more bad news . Do I scream? Do I run?...I'm in such a vulnerable state at present, it's like this soldier girl inside me is breaking and falling apart. How can one person bare so much of turmoils...yes I've been through worst (hell and back), but today it seems my world is being shattered from underneath my feet, like I'm drowning and suffocating, no amount of deep breaths or self-assurance is helping...what's happening to me? Where is the strong courageous, vibrant woman inside me disappeared too !!!

Where is this woman that motivates, encourages and shares her life's experiences with others so boldy gone too?...right now I'm trapped inside myself, helpless and dissapointed. I can't explain what's happening to me, or the challenges I'm facing, or the situation I am in at this moment (nobody will really understand). So there's no use for me opening that can of worms...I need to focus, rebuild my thoughts ,my strength ,I need new strategies , a way forward ...above all I need to rise above these troubled waters. I stand up look in the mirror,shake my shoulders until I feel that bad energy, bad vibe and burdens fading away. I am more than what I'm facing...more than a conqueror, I am an overcome...So I say to these trouble times "bring it on full force", I'm not giving up or giving in...come hell or high waters (I will take on whatever is coming my way). I'm not a quitter nor am I easily to give up...I will stand my ground and come out victoriously, I am the game changer !!!


Stay safe


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