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Choose to move on...turn the page, start a new chapter, toss the book, do whatever it takes to move on. But never stay stuck in the mindset that this is all there is...let the negative thoughts end and allow the good stuff to sink in, your joy-filled life is waiting to begin. Not simply by people who have hurt you, but from painful memories and anything that brings you down, or makes you lose self-confidence. Choose to move on for the sake of your wellbeing and future happiness. To let go of the things that have been holding you back and preventing you from moving forward. Choose to move on so that you can make space in your heart for new incredible people and experiences. Choose to move on when you feel you no longer belong in the previous inhabited, as there is so much that lies ahead and so much to look forward to, once you find the courage to let go !!!

Focus less on what you need to do, and more on what you need to clear. Clarity is one of the most important keys to manifesting what you want. If your thoughts ain't clear...then the universe doesn't know how or what to give you. Be encouraged nothing good ever come fast and easy, and if they did, it never stayed for too long. You must practice patience, understanding and self- sufficiency...daily in order to receive that peace and completeness in life. When all of what you desire finally arrives, you now would have felt a small price to pay for the goodness that will keep getting better. Always grow, always improve yourself...staying in the same place is not only boring, but it'll never allow you to prove that you're better than anything you settle for. When you want different for yourself, you have to start moving different...remember old keys don't unlock new doors !!!


Stay safe


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