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Here is a strong reminder for you today...that phase after your dark phase is a more beautiful phase (read that again). Whether you made it out from that dark place , or you feel that you are still in a place that seems so dark, you seem stuck or lost in it. That dark place of depression, brokenness, sickness, or a great loss, or an unfortunate failure...or from a source you couldn't even find a word for. Remember the beauty is more intense and solid and can never go dim. The place after your dark place is full of more strength...a strength accumulated from all the hard times you've ever had to go through. There's a very bright light after that dark phase !!!

This light is bright enough to see you through the rest of your will find clarity after the dark place. You can call it wisdom or knowledge but it will surely give you clarity at the end of the interpretation. An enlightenment that you let extract lessons from all past mistakes and misfortunes, and hereby converted to a very big fortune and blessing to you

However there's only one bridge you need to build to get to the next phase...this bridge is called hope. Hope is your believe in a certain reality that you are yet to experience, your gain is that you will experience that reality truly...keep hope alive and keep believing !!!

Your beautiful phase is nearly definitely will be fine, totally and completely again, you will blossom again. You will find happiness will find peace again, you will find comfort again. You will find sanity will find your balance again, you will find your way again, you will find, "trust me when I say this", this new phase is going to be better than all the phase you've ever experienced before...and you surely will know the difference. Stay hopeful always and keep believing !!!


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