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In a blink of an eye everything can change...don't hold grudges, love those family and friends who may seem unlovable even though they may get on your last nerve. Don't wait to extend grace...even those who have walked through your life holding a knife to your back, they maybe no longer part of your life but always remember the role they once played in your growth. Recognize their place within your journey...even if it brings back a ton of painful memories, it's the beginning of peace and the road to humility. Give thanks to these people that has helped your growth...given you lessons you've learned along the grow and to mature !!!

Don't wait give thanks...because everything...*I mean everything they contributed, nothing was wasted in forming and forging your character. Your wanting to reach out to other people in sympathy...your sensitivity to pain...your compassion...patience and tolerance, your own fortitude and your insight. All of it because you learned something along the way...every person is a catalyst, and you are who you are because of them. This is the key to understanding and a secret to wisdom. Make peace with your life and those who have hurt you in it...cherish the one's who still matters, love except and be free !!!



Stay safe



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