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One day you will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask did I get through all of that?. You will find yourself wiser and so much stronger...the secret is to hold on and never let go. I have come so far, I'm the kinda person "is like water in the desert"...I aren't no show off, I'm always considerate to other people's feelings and I'm always ready to put other people's needs first. I have this sweet sensitive side but it doesn't mean I let anyone walk all over me...yes there's also another side to me (very few people get to see, it's like tramp my toes and I will smash your for your life kinda side). My life has been harder than people imagine...I have turned the worst things that this world threw at me into incredible strength to move mountains !!!

I am this strong lady today is because I know my weaknesses...I am compassionate because I know what it is to suffer. I am alive because I am a fighter...I am now much more wiser because I was once very foolish, I can now laugh because I have known sadness. I can love because I've known loss...I am a strong woman who has weathered the storms but still loves to dance in the rain. Never judge me you can't handle half of what I've survived. I've realized that life changes will never be the same as yesterday, all I do is stay strong and have faith for what will come tomorrow. Yes I'm stubborn but I'm also strong- willed, I can be a pain in the ass...but I have a heart of gold. The higher my vibe the smaller my tribe !!!



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