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Dementia...what is it?...I watched tons of movies, heard lots of people talk about it but honestly until today I haven't experienced it. Tears in my eyes I write this blog...I'm on a stay over at very close friend more like a sister to me (Maureen) kinda person. Her dad has been having multiple serious health issues...recently was hospitalized for two months, suffered many seizures that was brought upon by infections, it has affected a major part of his brain. This is the saddest most tearful situation I personally witnessed today... Maureen's dad has been diagnosed with early dementia (early dementia I asked myself), with the things I've seen maureen's dad do and say today "if what he's going through is early dementia I don't wanna know what full on dementia is" !!!

My heart is I watched Maureen's dad have a chat with me today, he asked me the same questions over a zillion times...the same thing over and over, he has a brilliant long term memory, it's the short term memory that's badly effected, to me he seems more like a child who's lost in the wilderness...seeking not only direction but someone to talk too. Dementia not only wrecks the brain but also makes one irratible and aggressive (aggressive in the means of blurting out things they don't really mean) !!!

Such a neat handsome heart is honestly shattered, I don't know how maureen or anyone who has friends and family cope with such a horrid disease. I can't...I truly can't...watching this man take walks that he himself doesn't know he's doing...he's currently struggling with not only memory loss but with sleep as well. Only a person who witnessed dementia knows what I'm talking gotta have so much patience ,tolerance and a strong strong heart to care for such people. I don't know how my friend Maureen copes (but she's one tough and tolerate lady) !!!

The amazing thing she told me when I asked her "how do you cope, how do you handle all of this and still manage to stay strong". Her reply made me tear...he's my dad, he's not a burden, he didn't ask for all that he's going through. It's my responsibility as a child to take care of my dad...I will do whatever it is, no matter how much it cost, I will always put my dad first cause everything I am today is because of my dad and mom...I will honor and respect him whilst he's still alive, i try to make him as comfortable as possible. Yes it's not easy running a company, being a wife and a mother, meeting ends meet to see that my dad has the best healthcare and after care...I get my strength through my daily prayers and meditation. Maureen's advice to everyone out there that have family and friends suffering from them, support them, be patient and mostly be compassionate !!!


Stay safe



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