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We,are born alone and we die alone...that's the truth. So what's the point of sharing your life with somebody, there are many other ways of feeling wanted and loved, without needing a man by your side. The important thing is to realize this before it's too late, and keep those bonds of friendship alive. The bonds that allow you to lean on others whenever you need too, just like how I had done with my haven against bitter loneliness. People think that opportunities are like trains....and only come around once in a lifetime, it all depends on your luck. I on the other hand believe that opportunities are all around us, and that real luck is knowing how to spot them and not let them slip away, to achieve that you gotta over come your fears and move forward !!!

Recognizing an opportunity and trying to take advantage of it means facing new risks...because ultimately you'll never know if you trying to cease it, or complicate things even more. So when you have to make a choice don't doubt yourself...just be prepared to face the consequences. Freedom or imprisonment...success or failure, when you place a bet on something big the chance to win is not only opened to you...but also to everybody else. Innocence are for those who are free of guilt or sin... can you really enjoy being in such a position, when you feel complicant in someone else's actions and you keep quiet. Sometimes when you feel that all is at gives you a new beginning !!!


Stay safe



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