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Revenge...getting hurt, divorced, falsely accused, heartbroken, mislead, disinherited or shamed...turns your life upside down, the pain is so intensed that it transforms you, but if you know who's responsible for your sorrows...what will you do?. When we know who is to blame for our pain...revenge is not a win it's justice. Revenge only brings more pain... and this pain doesn't let you sleep, this pain doesn't let you rest, it keeps you alert but doesn't let you think of anything else nor how to deal with it. Touching the truth with one's fingertips and not being able to reach it, is something that hurts more than anything else... because it's a pain that corrodes you and does not stop. Because it's a pain that only results in losing your leads you to make mistakes !!!

They say that "revenge is a dish best served cold"...but not in many cases. We all want justice...but sometimes justice is out of our league, there's this saying "all is fair in love and war". Revenge comes from the passion of heat caused by pain...some mines can only be soothed by "retaliation". They say in order for justice to be effective it must move slowly...revenge however is swift as an arrow, and when you want to stop it, it's too late. The shadow of one's revenge clouds their joy...when pain blinds us we tend to take revenge for justice. Revenge clouds reason and won't let you see the acts like a poison and sweeps up the innocent as well as the guilty without distinction. The worst part of it is in the end you realize that revenge has only complicated things even more. Revenge makes us do things we're not proud off !!!

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