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Some people say that everything in our lives are written and nothing can be changed... but i wanna change it all and go back to the beginning when nothing was written. I'm not young but i still gotta lot of life left to live, i know that... but i won't kiss up to happiness, if it comes "great", if it doesn't I don't care. Happiness and me we're currently not on the same years passed the more I had ups and downs, somedays I'm chirpy as a bird and some days I withdraw into my own world and I'd stop talking to merely everyone. In the midst of giving up hope...sometimes good things start to happen (it's reassuring) !!!

My personality confuses people...I enjoy being alone, no wait let me rephrase that "i love being alone". But I'm (was) also a very out going , spontaneous and social person. My environment dictates how I behave...sometimes im loud, most times I'm quiet. I'm always reading the energy around me too adjust...there are times when I want to turn up and then there are moments where I want to withdraw from everything and just be on my own...mostly I like processing my thoughts alone...simple way to describe me...I like taking me own advice and counsel....that's just me, what you see is what you get, no hidden agendas !!!


Stay safe



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