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In a game of Poker you say think long think wrong!!!

But in life we say do the opposite of poker players!!! It's all about presenting our options.Risk is too great ,life is not always in our favor,excepting your circumstances the way they are and not the way you want them to be;your focus should be you and your comfort ,we all have choices that either affect us or makes us happy,but choosing the choices is the most difficult decision !!!

I'd say go with the choices that makes you happy ,We get scared and think we not a good person and that failure is in our bloodstream, "stop there" nobody is a failure by blood its just a myth people portray ...We are all unique ,we are rare, we are precious in our own way, let not the world define us or put a rejected label on us ,no matter how many times we screw up ,we fail ,we get rejected,we get abandoned,we feel defeated it's never the end;We rise up no matter what life throws at us ,cos that's what self driven sane enthusiastic human beings do,they don't throw in the towel after the blow!!!

We get scared and frustrated when things are not going the way we want them too,We don't know what to do ...some decisions changes everything and some nothing at all;It's good to talk about things that we go through ,it helps us with inner healing .When we facing one too many decisions ,obstacles, hindrances we tend to get distracted way to quick ,then all other things kicks in ,less concentration, fatigue, can't sleep, you feel like a failure,hopelessly stressed (It's depression).

We feel we have lots of good things in our lives we can't have depression or be depressed. But depression doesn't work that way,but it's highly treatable, the first step is to ask for help before it's too late "talk therapy" What if people found out ? They would think you acting weak #whocares

I think it's good to talk to others about our problems...just becareful who you talking too... we shouldn't be afraid to talk about mental illness ...most people think it's a shame when you let out you most deepest fears...its all about stigma,

Who cares about what other's think definitely not you and I.We can't fight every cultural stigma in one day,All we gotta do to move pass is down code our version even if it makes us look incompetent. Down coding is like you built for something small but provide for something more expensive.

Makes you feel deformed but it helps your inner self,some things are worth the risk....!!!


Stay safe



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