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Woman with a purpose !!!

She has days that she doesn’t even know how she’s going to make it through...

The weight of the world crashes down on her shoulders and she fights just to keep it together. She’s a strong soul with the heart of a warrior and the spirit of a phoenix...

But it’s still a struggle some days. She’s been through the worst times and somehow, kept going and getting better.

Truthfully, she didn’t know how she didn’t fall apart every day in every way, but somehow...She found her courage and strength to let nothing bring her down.

She tackles every day with zealous energy, unwilling to let the challenges and storms tear down her happiness...Because that’s who she is- a strong and independent woman !!!

Yet, as she goes about her day, the world just amazes at her sparkling smile..for they don’t know the battle she often fights behind the steel facade...And they don’t have to, because they’d never understand-

her journey, her past or how she seems to always be fine. She lifts others up even as she’s struggling to find a foothold in her day. Her sparkle is effervescent and her smile is contagious- she uses the pain as a reminder to always keep getting back up..."stronger" !!!

She’s not out to change the world or be a trendsetter, she’s content to make herself and those around her happy. It’s in those moments when you can see the storms behind her soulful eyes that you realize that’s she’s more than just a normal woman. She’s a lightbringer who lifts herself and others up..even as the clouds gather in her soul...resilient, strong and happy, she’ll always be the one who doesn’t just change the world for herself, but for all those whose lives she touches.

That’s just who she is ...A whole lot of strength mixed with a heap of soul...and a light to all. Once you meet her, you’ll never forget her, her smile or the way she made you think you could do anything.

Warrior, lover, dreamer...She’s always going to find a way...Stick around long enough, she might just make you believe too !!!

#girl power


Stay safe



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