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For those who are praying for a purpose partner...Choose the one who is as authentic on the inside as he is on the outside. We have a lot of counterfeits walking around, who look right, real and valuable but on the inside are fake.

They have no pure intention to love you right, their purpose is to take you off your target so you won’t hit the mark, pray for an ability to detect the counterfeit characters before you give them access. These kinds of people rob years out of your life. Yet, God in his mercy can and will restore and heal but we really don’t need another lesson, let’s be wise and choose well, always walk into something new with a clear vision...eyes opened wide, head and shoulder straight, don't walk in with your heart rather walk in with a clear mind and both feet on the ground !!!

Examine their heart, their character, their integrity and kindness before commiting... Man of integrity will pursue you with intention and produce good fruit... don't rush at the first person you set your eyes on. Then there's the phase "love at first sight"...well that's an understatement, everyone you meet is not your "knight in shining armor". Words can blow you into a trance but actions speakers listen and observe. Don't rush into something you not ready for...someone will promise you the world and give you a shack !!!


Stay safe



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