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Have you ever had those good news and bad news kinda day??? Were you don't get do overs and trust is the scariest thing. In life we get so few wins that it gets harder and harder for things to ever work out.We think that things don't ever work out but sometimes it does!!!

Just never loose hope, life it's like a puzzle you do it one piece at a time until each piece falls into place . With everything we face its hard not to get shocked,angry or upset .Honestly there's no time for all the questions or mishaps, we have to push forward and move above our unforseen circumstances. Deep inside us there's a warrior ,an overcome,a leader ,so let us lead by example!!!

To move forward ,past or over our busy schedules we all need a too do list (I call it my hot list).This may sound premature but it's something we all gotta face , we need a succession plan inplace. There's this two very distinct you in one body "this solemn person formal in manner like serious,then there's this other you that's all smiley and randomly starts caring"

So there's no time to go way backwards ,it's time to start preparations for the way forward!!!

We need to sit around the table dish out our situations, circumstances, agenda's ,to see which wall we hit and how to move over it or around it,you need to look at you with fresh eyes and see what we have passed off that was meant to stay. Take a step back and see where and when our lives became upside down (why does it matter?because there's a new you manifesting); so we delegate cos there's no going back. We don't quit we rise up and show the world the #thenewyou ...


Stay safe



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