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Truthfully we never know how to deal with the past...the broken hearts the forgotten friends. You can't hide from the things that once hurt you and think that's the same as making peace with the past, the emotions and feelings will threaten to tear you apart, so you run from it, hiding from the truth seems easier than confronting reality. But it's not greet the world with a smile and a gentle heart pretending that everything is okay, but it's not and hasn't been for sometime, you see what's really happening when the light switch flips on, you haven't been healing you've been hiding. You will never make peace with your past if you don't confront it... it's the hardest thing to do, the raw feelings of pain & emotions crashing into your mind & heart, the struggle to let go & heal is always a struggle !!!

Stop being captive to your past, embrace the future its long overdue, take each day one at a time, baby steps may not change you overnight... it won't be easy it won't be fast, but it will be worth it in the end...finally you'll be free. Sometimes I wanna treat people the way they treat me...but I can't because that's just not who I am. Typical example is "you can sit amongst the shit (people) feces, and you'll start smelling of it; meaning pick up on their bad vibes, negative talks" and you don't even know it, you don't even know you're smelling of it (cos you so intoxicated). You just become dark and negative and you'll never move have to shut off the noise, there are many people who will want to pull you down with them. Don't focus on that...focus on that one person who believes in you, focus on the light, the little sliver of light that you might see, a little bit of inspiration you might see, and that's the hardest thing to do. Because you bogged down by baggage, you're bogged down by shackles people holding you down. So you have to really push forward... Do you have that inside of you? To fight that fight for yourself or are you going to wait for somebody else to do it !!!


Stay safe



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