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You can't do anything without being criticized...we live in a society where people cant survive if they not judging the next person. Lets build each other up...we are all the best we can in the same game called LIFE. If you are skinny, you are on drugs... If you are fat, you need to lose weight, If you drink, you are an alcoholic; If you get dressed up, you are conceited...If you dress down, you’ve let yourself go.

If you speak your mind, you are rude... If you don’t say anything, you are snobbish; If you are sociable, you’re a party animal. If you stay to yourself, you are detached !!!

Starting a new day today... Yesterday is forgotten, tomorrow is yet to come... Those mistakes, bad choices we've made along the way aren't failures, they're lessons...not to trust easily, not to give in to anyone's soppy or sad stories, we have all stumbled and fallen more times than we can count, yet we're still standing, hip hip hooray to us, I'll not stop dreaming of where I am going to go. I'll never be defined by disappointments. I'm forged by the fires of what I've become, I am more than a survivor, much much more than a dreamer, I'm an achiever !!!

Reinventing myself doesn't have an expiration date and my dreams don't have deadlines, Yes, I've had some rough times lately, but I'm not a quitter... There's days I don't want to get out of bed, those are the times that I take a deep breath and remember that I have a purpose, that I'm meant for more than where I've been, I dont have it all figured out, in fact, I don't always see the next step ahead, but that's OK I don't have to know my whole story or even the next chapter, I am the author of my story so I pick up the pen and start writing how I see it fit, I'm unique and a strong soul growing through this journey called life... I'm beautiful inside and out, I'm not perfect but I'm damn sure legit !!!


Stay safe



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