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Grief Journey Part 3

The hardest part of our day is waking up only to remember you are not here...and we get to feel that ache all over again. Yes we laugh; we talk; we play a part but deep down the emptiness grows, and behind our smiles is a broken heart. The day you left our hearts were torn in two; one side filled with heartache, the other died with you. I know for a fact that we all lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep; and scroll through your videos and pictures taking a walk down memory lane with tears upon our cheeks. You know "LANDON" remembering you is easy, we do it all day; but missing you puppy is the hardest heartache that never goes away !!!

Most days is our biggest battle...keeping our mind together, everyone tells us that we are (Strong) and we are an (Inspiration) it's actually not true. We are barely pushing through each day, fighting battles inside our minds...we think of the things you use to say, and all that you would do, at some point every single day our thoughts turn to you. To lose you was a bitter wrench, the pain cuts to our core...we cry until our tears run out. I know this wouldn't be your wish for us...that we'd be forever sad; we all trying to remind ourselves of all the happy times we had with you (LANDON)

Looking at your photos/videos and thinking "Why" you couldn't be apart of our future...uncontrollable tears flows down our face and our heartbeat starts to race. Asking God (Why) he took you from our's like stabbing us all in the heart with a knife over and over again, we still needed you "Puppy" !!!

You were the one little human that made all of us jump; you kept us on our feet, you were ours and we were yours. I knew losing someone would be hard but never ever did we imagine "losing you" would crush each of us our little precious flawless baby. We never knew how empty life would be until the day you received your (Angel wings). It is true what they say...not all stories have a happy ending; but our story with you "Landon" had a happy beginning and a happy middle. The end was disastrous...but it also means that we have a story worth remembering (and that's your story Baby Landon). When people ask me about you I still smile and I cry...because the stories I have to tell about you are just as beautiful and memorable today as there were when you was still with us. My precious baby boy LANDON MESHAEL...missing you comes in waves💔today I know all of us are Drowning !!!


Stay safe


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Lloyd Walls
Lloyd Walls
25 oct 2023

One day I want to hear all about this little marvellous chap.

Have to say though you are wrong about one thing. You are strong and inspiring. Strength is being able to move forward despite a devastating blow. I know each step is a struggle and desperately hard, but, you are taking it, every day is a step forward, even if its a tiny one. There are also days you probably stumble back a little and that's fine, because you are ultimately moving forward.

That is why you are also inspiring. Truth is I'm willing to bet everyone you know has asked themselves if they could do the same as you. I know I have and in truth I don…

Me gusta
07 nov 2023
Contestando a

Definitely will do

Me gusta
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