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YOH...2023 has shown me flames hey...blessings here and there, curses and tears along the way but I pushed and I'm still here. As some of you that personally know me, may see that i am exhausted  physically drained out, mentally awol, the last four months have been hell, heartache and pains. I need to bring this to's been weighing heavily in my heart, the thing I had noticed about people, I wanted to address this a while ago but circumstances forbidden me. But now seeing that we are in that last sprint in of year...I might as well write about it. I wanna talk about how selfish some people can be. !!!

Now I'm not directing this at anyone in particular...nor am I throwing stones, this has been nagging me for some time and instead of bringing it to people's attention and them blowing it out of context, I decided it's best I write about it, cause I express myself best in my writing. I'm not gonna talk about a specific situation or comment because it's human nature for people from all sides, all angles and all directions are "some what selfish". I'm just speaking in general, cause it is up to us as individuals to see through the manipulation and the selfishness in order to protect ourselves. Like for example, you would have a person who with want and demand your time and attention as a distraction from the pain that their going through, not knowing by them doing so they are innately and inevitably going to afflict pain on you, those two cent comments they put out there, those nasty insults and especially those inconsiderate remarks they throw at you, it's definitely not on !!!

Some people may or may not be aware of their actions or their outburst of the things they say...they think and operate from a place beyond my imagination. "Do people not even realize that we have not (HEALED) from our loss👈"READ THAT AGAIN. Do they realize what we are going through?. My advice or what i hope most of you would do "IS GIVE THEM TIME TO HEAL"...

a person will always show that their hurting or they haven't fully healed through their actions, through their words. At times they'll even post about an image or video, or that pain they feeling in order to help them heal. By you hurting them more with your unintentional comments or suggestions just makes it harder on them to heal, you gotta realize you are inflicting more pain and taking away their peace !!!

I don't like it done to me or anyone...I've been there, I've done that, I can seen the red flags, I don't walk around with rose colored glasses even though my eyes are blood shot red most of the time. So again it's the end of 2023...i humbly ask yall to respect each other, not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I've seen lumps of coal who believes that they are to be diamonds...but they forget it takes time and a lot of pressure for that lump of coal to become a diamond. Now in simple terms I've seen people who believe they're ready for something real but they are not, people who believe they have what it takes to handle something long term stable, something truly meaningful and beautiful but they not ready, because they still healing from past pains !!!

The pains could be recent or the pain could be last years pain...or the pain could be something that happened many years or just last week. People go through things every day (losses, hurt, betrayal, divorce, abuse, death)...but all I do ask of you few insensitive people, please becareful how you approach grieving people, it's not something we choose to go through, it's something that hit us without warning. The world has taken so much from us...choose carefully what you say, or who you hurting, spread love, beauty, care and sunshine, not hatred, jealousy and that person someone chooses to confide in and not run away from. If someone is going through a dark phase and wants to pull and draw that sunshine from you, be their support but at the same time don't crowd them, allow them distance, allow them to learn how to walk through the darkness alone. Then when they'reready...when they got that spark that amber that lights it's way, then you can help them light their candles, but for now just becareful and allow people to heal in their own pace. Don't assume how people should grieve if you yourself haven't been in their situation...cause everyone grieves differently !!!


Stay safe


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