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Trust the process !!!

This is not something anyone can fix...

Given time and space you work it out on your own.We think we don't need help we can clean up after oneself.Well there's no silver lining to that statement. Sometimes we all need a little help or a little push, we try to be good,act all smart and brave in a crisis ; but deep down we struggle from within!!! So it's time to move forward start taking chances...

Someone always has to clean up the mess right , it's like describing yourself as an emotionally closed off individual who's in complete denial that one's personal life is on fire (who does that sound like).It's like taking our lives and twisting it around, We trying everyday to save ourselves from impossible situations, No we are all not perfect, we need to stop blaming ourselves or anyone else for our mistakes ...

[ ] We do the best we can for as long as we can, family psychological are a lot like genetic ones "we have the gene for running,so what are we running from?"

We need to stop running "from" but run "to" something .Some of us run from crisis yet some of us run to crisis, it may suck but it makes us who we are ...Do we think we can get our act together and that's a definite "YES" ok then you get back out there and take back your life !!! GO SHOW THEM HOW IT'S DONE.

We can be so stubborn and don't have any intention of ever changing (that's problematic) a recipe for disaster. We need a swift kick in the pants,cos if we don't let go we never gonna get out. Listen to me there are people all over the world who are just like you and i ,trapped inside our past mistakes, our failures ,our could have been,our maybe's, and many of them well most of them never get out.remember you are not a failure, if you don't feel strong its ok ,you only have to be strong to do one more thing "that is to save yourself "



Stay safe



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