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Whatever life threw at me "I survived"...

When you look at me all you see is a (beautiful soul with a beautiful heart) that i am. But if you get to know'd be surprised as to how much i had to survive,

to still be here. I'm no your average woman; that's a real "QUEEN WARRIOR" right here, keep that in mind. Be the light in a broken system that only you can fix, be the sun that lights up the darkness and be unstoppable. Develop some instincts for self preservation...clean up your own messes and live in your own truth, sometimes doing good seems wrong, but what you try to remedy is so much more wrong, in the darkness; in the fog of life all you can do is feel your way through, try to trust that somehow you will come out better on the other side!!!

You're not a delicate flower, you not a person who doesn't understand pain; you get it from deep experiences, we have to allow ourselves to laugh, if you don't find some likeness and humor in this darkness we face everyday nobody will survive this world. Your body is like a China cup, never ever break it or allow anyone to break you, you survived life's challenges because you have an enormous will an enormous heart and a enormous capacity for survival

You take all these darkness and help other people who are walking through the same battles, you help people who are hurting; to hurt a little bit take your darkest experiences that life gave you and you turn it around and turn it into light. If people don't see that in you then that's on them !!!

There's no living without risk we know that better than anyone, we gotta throw ourselves all in to survival mode, you don't expect the best out of life you do what you can to make the best come along. Don't incline to hang around in situations you know will fall short and end up in pain, there will be no shortage of time when you feel like giving up, but you can't let that fear of desperation stop you even when you feel trapped !!!


Be safe


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