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Not many people speak about "how they're truly feeling" most of us bottle up our feelings/emotions and thoughts thinking that this cruel world is going to expose's always masked with laughter and looking perfect. I'm here to tell you nothing is perfect in this life, that doesn't mean you are unhappy. I know today you're feeling low (well I am). You are really not sure why "whether its your hormones or just you being overwhelmed with what you are currently facing". And sometimes, you just don't understand why you sit alone and cry, were are the tears coming from? What is causing you to feel this way? !!!

I know today you're feeling off...coz I am, there are things you want to change that is out of your league, you're tired of all the fighting, of all the misunderstanding, lack of  miscommunication and mostly you're tired of the pain of being hurt over and over again

I know today feels like a "déjà vu" you've felt this way many times before, but today it's another level of sadness.

Sometimes, you don't know what to do

and at times, you're so unsure !!!

No matter what, keep moving forward

take it one day at a time...even when this life feels like a chore, (breath) take a moment to emphasize how far you have come. One day everything is gonna be okay, you'll find your smile again, you’ll find your reason to live again, you'll find your reason to be jovial, that's the day you'll will find your purpose. Please don't be hard on yourself (love yourself) a little more...forget who hurt you, forget who brought you to your knees, forget who made you cry, forget the past hurt and focus on your coming out. Beautiful things comes to those who wait patiently and don't rush the process. You my darling are worth more than you could ever imagine,  you're precious, you're priceless and you're are unique, keep telling yourself (yes I am ).

There is so many demons we are fighting, on a daily basis and only you my angel can slay them, remember you have come so far not to give up, but to conquer the world !!!


Stay safe


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