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I'm not the woman who stays down,gives up or just quit.Ive been counted out and written off so many times,it's almost normal now.Everytime the world tried to come crashing down on me ,I got back up even stronger...

I can't tell you where I find my strength sometimes,but everytime I needed to I dug it up,fought back harder and rose again like thunder !!!

It's not always been the easiest road or the prettiest sight, but I have this determination to keep going, to keep improving and keep evolving. I have this inner fire to never quit, and a forceful spirit to not give up. There's nothing that I'd never conquer...I've been down all the wrong roads,made alot of bad choices ,and been lied to too many times,hurt and disrespected.So if you think you can throw something at me I've never seen ,felt or felt (try again)

I'm not a damsel in distress or a princess waiting to be rescued, This is part of my story where I stop digging my way out of the bottom and start learning to fly high.I've paid dearly for every scratch, bruise,scar,pain that's shaped who I am,I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences that forged my heart...

For all my flaws and imperfect character,I'll never have all the answers ,Im authentic ,I'm honest and passionate about everything in my life. If anyone's planning on getting in my way as I chase my dreams and better myself , HERE'S A TIP

DON'T EVEN TRY...I have no time for negativity and people who wanna hold me back, I'm heading for the stars with fire in my eyes and I'm unstoppable !!!


Stay safe



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