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I'm the kind of lady that hide's my pain and hurt behind a pretty smile so well .

Many think they know me but very few know what lingers behind my smile and my teary eyes. I dazzle the world with my smile ,anassuming nature and my caring loving personality . I'm the one person that will make you see what I want you to see and not what's buried deep inside of me !!!

Letting someone into my inner circle takes alot of effort and courage (I've learnt that not everyone in your circle is for you) so yes I choose a remnant few inside my circle #trustissue's. I've been hurt and betrayed by the people i trusted the most, that puts my mind in a very protective mode, Your walls tend to be well secure,your heart is guarded by a shield,your mind gets preoccupied by aligning a defense magnesium against the evil and bad vibes that lingers out to destroys you...

[ ] I've learnt to let the past stay in the past , and focus on the present and future .I'm so content with my progress of moving away from negativity into positivity that nothing anyone says or does triggers or awaken the beast inside me,I'm enjoying this beautiful moments of my inner peace, letting go and pushing forth is my aim for a happy,healthier and joyful life !!!

I make it my priority not to be concerned with being everything to everyone .There's only one person that I need to please "and that's me ,myself and I ". It's pretty exhausting trying to put on a parade to please people. I'm a simple person abit difficult to unravel, with amazing qualities, one thing is I never look for limelight I'm always the one behind the scenes.I'm the one who will steal your heart before you ever notice it was gone !!!


Stay safe



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