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We are not alone !!!

Sometimes we don't like to talk about what's really happening inside our minds...there's a battle going on inside our head ,it makes us feel stuff we don't wanna feel. Some of us feel claustrophobic being surrounded by people yet others feel likes lonely like nobody ever cares. It's a tough way to feel (no doubt), we just go into our own buzz and wait for someone to notice us,sometimes nobody notices !!!

I wonder if anyone will ever just notice we're gone or we're here in body but far away in our mind. Then I realized that there are some people that won't just notice we are gone yet there's other's who feels our absence ,Our presence or absence sometimes leaves people heartbroken at the same time others rejoice (ironic thinking).At times we think we are alone but believe in me (we are never alone).Even when you feeling this way always remember you are never alone (someone somewhere is always thinking of you). Sometimes its just good to be there for someone and tell them how much they mean to you !!!

[ ] Loneliness hits differently to different people, it brings much sadness,depression, isolation ,sometimes all types of physical sicknesses kicks in cos people lost their joy to live.Being alone with no one to talk too ,nobody interacting with you leaves a person insecure ,abandoned, isolated etc etc...lots of people are facing so much ,they not where they wanna be and they surely not where you are !!!

It's a tough world out there !!! Be the reason to bring a smile to someone today, Be the change in this misguided world,Be the light in the darkness,Be the shoulder for someone to lean on ,Be the best human you can possibly be ...


Stay safe



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