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This topic may not be everyone's cuppa tea !!! Be the change you wish to see in this world...

It's time someone raise's the volume or raise the challenge on this topic "does our skin color really matter in this day and time??".It's a very touchy topic and yes our skin color do play a major part in today's society. People are defined by their color of skin ,its a reality check not a myth. I experienced apartheid growing up as a child,I was so confused as to why I weren't allowed to be in the same place with another skin color.All my life I kept wondering why? As I got older I was taught that we were forbidden to sit ,touch ,eat,or associate with another race...utter bullshit and nonsense I thought to myself!!!

The world is in such a place right now that we don't even know if we will see another day.Nowdays nobody is ever ok ,you maybe smiling, joking,dancing ,

singing like you ok.Well some people if that's the case are genuinely happy then that's fantastic, cos that's a place we all wanna be,but some people are using these things as coping magnesium to get away from the world .People are tired of being interrogated by there color of their skin, totally makes no sense, cos we were never asked to choose what skin color we wanted...apartheid is of the past yet there's still people defining each other by their color . Racism ended a long time ago ,why do some people still live in that ignorant Era...

It's time to get smart ,understand you cannot treat people differently, whether it's based on there skin color ,race ,religious beliefs ,all people are equal.Hatred is destructive ,you will carry this hatred throughout your life if you don't let it go(hatred kills your joy).

Sad how innocent people get hated cos of there race and color.Being racist is like having poison eating at you from the inside.Hate breeds more and more hate. As a child I read a book about a green snake, everyone in the area was afraid of this green snake ,this green snake responded to its abusers, yet there were lots of yellow snakes in the same area,but people judged this snake cos of it being a different color,not realizing whether it's poisonous or playful!!!

[ ] Like us humans we get judged for the color of our skin, soon the hunt of this green snake had started,everyone started hating this snake, they aim was to take out this green snake indiscriminately (sad huh). This went on and on ,if you not the same color you simply get out of the equation. It just didn't stop with this green snake , this is only were the story began...instead of justice only hatred grew,

People act like cowards, they tend to do stupid things, OMG what a circus we've been living in. It's time to change the way we communicate, take the path of peace,we are all in this boat together despite the color and race differences.

Having a clear conscious, hate free leads us all to victory .Live by the truth,its heartbreaking to have bitter fued cos of color with everything else that's going on.It either makes you or breaks you,I wish we all learn from the past,people that criticise others for there color to me are portrayed as bullies,narcissist and sociopath and basically unhinged...


Stay safe


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