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Sometimes we don't mean for things to go too far,we think we are so much work in progress,we think we're not ready to move forward,we think we can't advocate for ourself. Let me tell you (you are ready)look at your life "WHERE YOU'VE BEEN,HOW FAR YOU CAME,AND WHERE YOU GOING".

Life's complicated, we have doubts on so many levels,well don't doubt yourself"you an incredible individual"...

You sometimes feel you not there yet!!!

You happy with where you are,we get caught up with the possibilities of "the if's, the buts,the maybe's". We need to prescribe ourselves with a attitude adjustment, we need to prioritize our happiness above everything else.You have to come first ,you yourself need to focus on yourself stop moving so fast ,let your needs ,your joy and peace be your priority ,I know sometimes you feel if you stop moving the pain of the past and present will catch up ,so you keep moving as fast as you can,cos you not done yet,you feel like you wanna leave something behind ,something that matters.But everywhere you look all you see is everything the pain is trying to take away. Then my friend you not looking in the right places...

I'd say pain is not a bad thing to leave behind,you start listening to yourself and leave the past pain in the past "YOU ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE EMERGENCY ".

You not allowing yourself to heal ,you wanna push past the inner pain to showcase the outter you.We have more in our plate than we can handle,this is not how you run your your lowest point in your life take the stand to rise up thats "the gig".I understand when hopelessness kicks in ,trust the ability you have inside you to overcome and override the pain you carried or carrying... #youendtheselfpityparty !!!

Stop trusting the pain to go away with fairy dust and magical thinking (believe me it doesn't ),you need to choose to save yourself ,and you stop choosing all off the pain,the past,the pity party,that's not criticism yes it sometimes works and sometimes it don't work out,it may not be easy ,(you want everything all of the above).cos you think its the all of the above that defines you,you define you !!!



Stay safe



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