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Keep your head up and stay positive ...

We get so twisted with everything around us ,that staying positive and afloat becomes very difficult. If staying positive makes you feel less better, think of it as the 6th man coming out the bench when the starters need a break ...everyone of us has this spirit inside us that we have to experience the world on our own terms, kinda fearless but we feel so far away from that person right now !!!

[ ] A strong person is one who feels deeply and love fiercely, tears flows abundantly like laughter,a strong person is both soft and powerful ,practical and spiritual, in essence a strong person is a gift to the world !!!

A strong person doesn't go with the flow

(They are the flow).

A strong person follows there heart and do the right thing, even if others laugh at and mock them. Not everyone understands a strong person's decision, they confident in who they are and they definitely don't live without regrets "amicable i would call them". They love themselves and won't change for someone else

(That's remarkable i would say)...

A strong person's life is never easy,but they never let there problems override them "that's poweful".Life has sunk them so many times but they refuse to sink (that's phenomenonal).

Life has it's fair share of challenges but that only makes a strong person come back more stronger and more wiser

(That's self determination).

A strong person is in no competition with no one,they have no desire to play the game better than anyone ,in any way,in any shape, or form. They just aim to improve,to be better than before...

It's all about allowing yourself to do things in your own time and pace.

It's time to stop measuring ourselves by everyone else's ruler. So whether the world approves of you or not it honestly doesn't matter !!!


Stay safe


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