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I am an acquired taste...don't like me ??

Aquire some taste.

Yes I was the faint of heart and easily intimidated,I choose to protect those precious parts of me with the highest walls,because I've been burnt before and I'm not letting that happen to me again. I may not be that one in a million kinda lady but I'm definitely once in a lifetime kinda lady. I'm real ,authentic, and deep,that's too much for some people to handle !!!

I don't care about impressing anyone other than myself,yes I hear whispers behind my back, jealous remarks ,(GUESS WHAT I DONT CARE). I don't need approval or permission to be my own authentic self.

I'm at a place right now that I won't settle for mistreatment or disrespect.

If I'm not treated with the respect I deserve ,then there's no place for you in my life !!!

So before judging me for things you don't understand for reasons you don't know, step back and realize that you don't know where I've been ,what I've survived and the person I am.

If you take the time to know me and understand me and not assumingly judging me ...

You'll be quiet surprised at the depth of my heart and soul. I'm not the kinda lady who waits like a damsel in distress to be saved , I take the reins and I take control, no matter what comes my way ,

(Hell or High waters ) I can withstand the storms...

You want to stay in my life the door is open.You want to get out of my life ,the door is open ,JUST ONE REQUEST...

Don't stand at the door you blocking the traffic !!!


Stay safe


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