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Writing this with teary eyes,doubts crept my mind,should I write this or should I not,but this is something that has to be heard. At this present time and moment every south african is living in fear,terrified if we are going to see another day. I was born and raised in South Africa , this is the very first time ,I witnessed such vicious ,barbaric madness. We never had a choice to live in South Africa (our ancestors where brought here in the 1900's to work as slaves for the white man ) so my birth into this beautiful country wasn't by choice , I thought we were done with apartheid (hated for the color of our skin) once we had a black government take over in 1994. We live in such a beautiful tourist attraction city ,Durban is the best by far ,it has the best beaches,museums, tourist attractions,yet our very own people cannot appreciate what we have !!!

Getting to back to what's happening in my home town,it's a nightmare ,don't know when anyone had a peaceful sleep or any sleep. It all started with a protest to free our former black government who was accused of fraud and corruption ,stole millions of Rands and lives a comfortable life carefree.

However these faithful protestors shifted their analysis from protesting to free this man, to stealing, killing, looting, lawlessness, destroying the malls ,clinics, shops, vandalizing everything that these people themselves use. It's been a nightmare these last couple of days . Our present government seems to be a people's person and his heart was for the nation at first but unfortunately it so sad to say it's all bullshit.

Our present government is currently not bother about the safety of his people. Yes he declared south africa as a STATE OF EMERGENCY, he called in reinforcement, but they currently not deployed as I write, they are stationed waiting for structions from parliament

(What the fuck) . People are being killed, shops are being looted ,innocent people are victims of physical, emotional, mental ,verbal abuse.

All our government thinks of is people getting the vaccine and stop spreading covid . For fuck sake these barbaric idiots are so called protestors, are vandalizing, looting without masks "I wonder if they sanitizing"

Excuse the languages but I'm writing from my heart ,with such hurt and pain to see what happening to our country.

Our first black president NELSON MANDELA , I salute that man ,he put all people before his needs ,there was no discrimination, segregation when he ruled was ALL FOR ONE ,ONE FOR ALL, nobody was classed for the color of there skin. Question to be asked why do humans behave like barbarians, why must you steal to feed yourself, why kill innocent people, why vandalize the places you shop at, why burn down malls and complexes when you and your families work or shop there ...why pick on Indians going back to INDIA ,when we were born in SOUTH AFRICA...

So many questions and there's no answers...


Stay safe



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