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We all have something to recover from ,guess we all say that to give ourselves hope . Well prove yourself wrong,you always have something to offer. Yes you gonna make mistakes but you own them,some mistakes makes you ruin your entire life ,yet other mistakes are lessons to learn from.

There's one thing we all have in common and that is (not enough time)so you make the best you have with the time you have !!!

When we face adversities and trails, we get emotionally destroyed ,parts of you gets shattered ,we tend to do other stuff to take our minds of the focus.

Some people start cooking ,some start eating (depressed eating),some just go into a withdrawal phase,some blank out "block everything out". People have different ways to cope ,these coping magnesium either helps you forget or it bring back memories ,this is totally on you . Whether you want to remember or whether you wanna blank it out...

You know there's thousands of ways to help you grief or cope,some people build shrines,some dance ,some sing, some go for therapy ,yet we get the one's that do nothing to help themselves grief.

They hollow in the pain and mishaps, looking for hope. We think if we let ourselves grief truly give in, then we won't ever come out.

It's a long short "we think negative thinkers are always right " are pleasantly surprised !!!

We get our hopes up ,it's fun to imagine .

You are not your grief, no matter what grief it is,no matter how bad it is or was.

Best way to put of your grief is for you to speak it out ,be someone's counselor, be a blogger, let it come from you, what you've been through and how you recovered or how you dealing with it.

It's your life your story,you let it verbulate well outside the walls .

You are smart remember that , you need self care,you need to be focused and ready to help those who need it the most ...

You grief in your own way ,how you see it best !!!


Stay safe



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