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Have you ever felt that you ready to let go of your past pain but your mind refuses to let go; you can never say goodbye to your pain ,your past or your loss ,if you not prepared to say hello to present or future ...people tell you it's going to be ok (that's impossible to hear yet alone to digest it) . Questions flood our mines (did i do something wrong); painful flashbacks happen more than anyone wants to acknowledge. We think the pain is all we have to remind us of our past !!!

Memories is all it is ,the past is the past you can let it stay in the past or you can carry it into your future . All you need is time ,there's a time to heal ,a time to remember, a time to regret,time to mourn,time to cry, all you have is time. It's not the time you wished you had (nobody can give you that back the time lost) ; but it can give you time to grieve, time to heal. Doesn't mean it's the past you not allowed to have those memories, those moments. Most of us chose to keep a few memories of the past as a reminder to never go back there, or as a lesson to learn painful as they maybe" over no memory at all" ...

We all want more time; and yes you allowed to take all the time you need. You get to use all the resources available or you can use none of them; or anywhere in between. As long as you need "be it days, weeks ,months ,years" its yours. We get promised that things are going to be ok time heals, i've learnt you never promise a person that everything will be fine even if you thing it's what someone wants to hear. We never promise even when we thing the next person needs hope, we want to give them hope ,without it they won't heal. How am I suppose to give someone hope if I don't tell them everything is going to be ok (lesson learnt just be there for them).

Don't say anything just be there(moral support); makes all the difference...


Stay safe



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