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This is my space (my world) everything I do here is for a reason ,it works for me, out there in the world is a chaotic ,messed up democracy, In my space my world its a full blown dictatorship (my rules my way) . Where I get to make my own profoundly personal decisions (only mine to make), without anyone meddling or prying, nobody can even ask. I avoid confrontations to control the choas in my mind , I just close my eyes and breath "sort off like meditation" were the whole world is shut out of my mind and thoughts !!!

We think tears are a sign of weakness , we think that other people's feelings are less important, these are all nonsense remarks or judgemental accusations, tears is not a sign of weaknesses ,its a sign of emotion , people are hurting all over on so many different levels . We don't know half the things people out there are facing yet we so quick to judge and make irrational comments (selfish thinkers)

Some people are in desperate need of behavioral therapy ...

People can sometimes make the worst decisions if put in a dilemma, some people hurt others by distracting themselves from the pain that their experiencing. Enough is enough it is time to face reality, start making decisions that are actually good for you and not tormenting other people in the process . Have you ever notice how some people never apologize when they do you wrong ,or vice versa ,we feel some people deserve what they going through , we may have regrets ,we may not but hurting people is a big deal,a big deal means a big apology but it also means a big reward (reward not in materialistically form)...

If a big apology means a big reward, what about a small apology, so let's all start small. You get people who will love you and apologize no matter how big or small the reward is. We get to think how can we be associated, related ,or in any means friendly to people who are rude ,arrogant, hurtful,deceitful, obnoxious, but deep down there's always a kinder side to these people . It's like asking yourself how can you love or forgive someone that loves space more than you , you learn to love people the way they love the stars , and you love forgiving more than anything on earth !!!

If the boundaries where earth and space together then forgiving means helping them cross the line even if it means you getting hurt on the other side; people are filled with hope ,despair and blame ,we,all fragile humans looking for an escape. People hurt us emotionally and physically, its like we hurt and perpetrator wins , we think thats how they feel superior unfortunately its not the case . Guess people reaction to hurting you cos they feel that they're different from you ; seems like manipulation but it's a cry for help ,most people lack empathy ...


Stay safe



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