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They say time heals all wounds !!!

Who are we kidding that's such a load of crap (is it); yea you think I don't know what I'm talking about but i do.

Nobody knows our experiences, you don't know the pain of losing a part of you like so many of us have . We get betrayed by the people we trust the most; who claim to love us ,be there for us ,lift us up , sad how everyone experiences different kinds of betrayal .

There's simply no words ,nothing that has happen to you is your fault !!!

Then why ask why (man it's hard to stop)

We don't have the words to communicate after all you're been through. Actually there are words, you try something new, you focus on themes of loyality and forgiveness all within yourself,with all do ethical tragedy it's aim is to insight a sense of duty amongst the war you facing inside you. We do talk therapy ,that's how we take care of each other ,we hold each other's hands incase one of us slips or falls apart, we have each other's back !!!

Reliving our experiences maybe too painful too some but on the other hand it helps you come to terms with what you been bottling up inside you (so yes again I say talk therapy is indeed very helpful). We speak of our most deepest vulnerable thoughts and feelings . This recovery time is far to painful and certainly very important to your minds stability . We do what we have to do to survive, we think we can't push to survive mentally, like it's to much . Only we know how we feel ,it's our experiences our words , we question ourselves ,we blame ourselves for things that's out of our league !!!

None of what you've been through is your fault , it's a long road to recovery but we have great odds on our side(we can all be grateful for that right ).

We all need that one person to go to when we can't trust ourselves from ourselves. We grow accustomed to the things we witnessed,enduring the pain as if we lost in a dream,my eyes have been open today we awake , too long we suffered adversities aimed by the actions of those entrusted with protecting me...issues from your past that are impacting your ability to get along in the present!!!

Forging on my past shall not define me even as I stand feared of the fears of my true vulnerabilities. The time has come to abandon my past never to return, onwards I must proceed with strength evermore haunted by the memories of the vulnerable person I used to be, my past is behind me ,faith is my new home !!!

We take care of our own "THAT IS MY LEGACY" your legacy is too profound era in judgement which I can't relate to...

You need to navigate the issues !!!


Stay safe


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