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There's more to this world than misery and death... it's not selfish to follow your dreams. Be a bright spark in a sea of unfathomable misery. It's just one thing after another. It's my way of remembering that there is more to the world than just misery and death. At least I hope there is. With everything that's going on, I wonder if it's ok to be living! But yes we will all be ok, coz I believe that if there's something that has to go wrong either within your control or outside of it, I wonder if we'll ever recover. We breakdown when things happen to us, we don't know whether to cry or whether we are choking. Sometimes we do both; cry and choke... It breaks us. One millimeter in the wrong direction will break us but we are who we are; "we are survivors". We've got this. So get ready to crush your demons, your fears, your nightmares, your worries and we are gonna help each other.

At Attic, we do what we know how to do best and we will watch each other's every move "brother's keeper". There's no ego, or question that's too stupid to ask; it's just about being someone's support structure, promising each other not to torture ourselves. We get mad at everything, but my therapist told me to try screaming out loud when I'm really upset. And you know, really helps.

I'm serious, just try it... let's do this !!!! @attic #thecarouselneverstopsturning

Stay safe V.

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Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
02. Juni 2021


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