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You can break down a woman temporarily,but a strong woman will always pick up the pieces,rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever.A woman like this has been through the fire more than once,but everytime she found her way and kept rising. She was never really given an option,so she did what she did to survive,once she got better at surviving she started growing. Instead of always reacting to the storms that

threatened to bring her down, she started taking charge of her life and her destiny ...

She carries the most beautiful soul,she's proud and strong but in a quiet and unassuming way. No spotlight or fanfare,just an amazingly strong woman who decided she would never give up ,stay down or be a victim.

It's her life and she chose to live it to it's fullest ;bad days ,great times and everything in between. Truthfully she never has all the answers or knows where her days would take her ,quite the opposite. But what she did know was she could overcome anything ,against any odds and still smile. She just doesn't know how to quit...

Each time she fell or life threw a curve ball at her ,she got up much stronger than before with more determination than she had ever started with. She carries the weight of everything she's ever been through on her shoulders, she cries herself to sleep yet get up with a smile. She does this without a second thought. You define a lady like this because her role is constantly adapting to whatever she needs to be in the moment ...

So when you see her smile understand that her depths are complex ,her strength is undeniable beneath the layers of complexity lies a lady who will always keep getting up. She keeps fighting back harder ,and always she'll be radiating brightly as she battles and shines through it all. From ashes to ascension,she's always going to keep rising higher like the Phoenix that she is !!! THAT LADY IS ME


Stay safe



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