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You not the person you was yesterday,you stumble and fall,but you also get back up. You might miss a step or two but you keep going,stop listening to the doubts in your head. In your heart you know you can do anything you set your mind to do,it won't be easy ,fast or painful. You become wiser and stronger, no one can take that away from you . Just know this "everything happens for a reason",but it's up to you to wipe the tears away from your learn the lessons you're meant to!!!

Stop fretting and start living,you can't grab hold of today's beauty if you're holding on to the pain from yesterday .

One day at a time,one step after another,make your way back to the person you've lost in the struggle(that's you). Your greatest day,your biggest laughter are still yet to come. Stop telling yourself you to old or you can't, you unlucky,none of that is true or really matters. Things have been hard lately ,it feels like to fighting an endless battle,your soul is hurting like you gasping for air . Days where you want to stay in bed, you don't wanna answer you phone ,I see where you are cos I've been there too...

You are not your struggles, failures or disappointments .You're a beautiful person that forgot to shine, life may have beaten you down and torn your heart in pieces ,it's time to close that chapter of your live,let go of all the worries that has stolen your joy. Breath and be thankful you are alive for a reason, you are more than you give yourself credit ,you have so much love inside you ,there's always gonna be storms and rainy days ,don't hide from it,step out from the things that you once feared and start to dance!!!

Bad things will happen ,stop telling yourself that you can't pull through, it's time to start remembering what you capable of, (who you are ,its your time, its your choice). Chose to be happy, dance in the rain , just be you ...


Stay safe


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