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Life does not have winners and loses ,anyone that makes you feel that way does not know what they are talking about , we are all in this together against the fight of life. We fight this battle of life and we win it, speaking from my heart how surviving this cruel world with cruel people has not made me bitter,yes I was broken one too many times,shattered in pieces crushed to the core,I was humiliate and embrassed, tortured by feared ,stripped of my sanity ,but I never let it kill me ,I rose up stronger more vigilant, more aware, I rose up with a sword in my mouth and shield over my heart!!!

Self care saves lives...may not be the world's way,but it's definitely my way . Life is not structured to make our world a playground, however it's like jazz you gotta go with the flow get in the rythmn (improvise). In this life we face all types of deadly adventures (I say adventure cos we don't really know what tomorrow holds for any of us).

We face our fate scared and sometimes alone,it feels like the storms will never end, but believe this it will end "you will make it end". We all face different crisis, undocumented and unassured...

I know that all of this feels far from normal as you can get right now, but you will get through "you can"

We repress trauma for our own emotional safety ,you are more than that trauma right ,it maybe apart of you ,but you are so much more. There's always been somethings that we can't control, but there is one thing that you can control (what you do next). We all got a plan (I guess we all do) a plan for a better life,new prospects, new adventures, the new you "with a sound mind". What's your first move to start anew or afresh??? First move is you come clean with yourself (anything that's been holding you back ,be it the past ,don't go into the new with baggages,it's gonna destroy you before you take your first breath) !!!

Never let your mind trigger when you on the onset to improving your present lifestyle, if that happens then you are done. It's best if your story is told so no one gets to judge you" you will still get those hypocrites that thinks they're better than you" its your life ,your story, you get to share it with whom you think will learn from it. It's your time to shine and yes go all crazy (meant in a good and not physcotic way) . Take a breath ,spread your wings and fly, its best you try and fail than to never try at all, always have a back up plan.Since this world doesn't care about our plans ...what makes you think you ready,

You ready cos you know the source of your trauma, your role in it, the healing which you an active participant in,starts with loving yourself !!!


Stay safe



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