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Bridge and walls are made with the same materials, but bridge joins people amd walls divides people "choose the right one". You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream .

Whatever you do don't get stuck on the little things that ruins your day ,smile and be grateful for what you have right now. Life is too short to waste it on senseless negativity, nothing last forever. Pain has thought me to appreciate the things that don't hurt.

When was the last time you gave yourself credit for how much you've grown,and how far you've come?. When was the last time you celebrated yourself, when was the last time you looked in the mirror and said "I'm really proud of myself" !!!

Don't let your surroundings make you bitter,don't let the actions of other people turn you cold in the inside. Certain things happen that hurt us, people come and people go,there are moments you're bound to fall,never allow these things to make you unkind.

It's ok to cry and it's ok to be sad,but it's never ok to seek revenge or do other people wrong,we all human we break.

We make mistakes (some intentionally some deliberately), there's moments you feel like giving up ,like you had enough and you can't take it no more,it's ok "breath,inhale,exhale"...

The things that show your weak side are also the same one's that makes you stronger in the long run,it's all about taking whatever life throws at you and learning from it !!!

Learn to be done ,not mad ,not bothered just done. Infact you deserve so much more than you've been given especially recently. Now you open your heart and mind to new possibilities, you break free the cage that always kept you limited ,claustrophobic, worthless and insufficient. It's a new chapter ,new mindset new path ...and you close the doors that lead you in the wrong direction. Finally you are free to live ,free to fly and free to breath ,to love and most of all to be happy in a way you have always wanted !!!



Stay safe


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