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Everyone talks a good game about sacrifices right up until the second it threatens their comfort. Have you ever heard about balance , give and take ,hard and soft , be hard with your actions and decisions ,but be soft inside you ,You be soft (for yourself). We push the hope pretty hard,and we ignore everything else , it's a weird idea that positivity can be toxic but it absolutely can, especially if it comes with a cost of what is true . Nobody wants to be in this world with everything that's going on, no pep talk can whisk that feeling away . So we reframe our thoughts to tell the truth (true feelings ) the real truth , the brutal truth !!!

Say the things you not suppose to say , you give yourself permission to blurt out your true feelings "things that make you unhappy,things that's been weighing you down, things that's keeping you stagnant". The hope that you need only comes from that kind of truth , my life is a miracle but sometimes I wish that I hadn't been born . Life isn't always fair no matter what it throws your way,no matter how unfair it may seem,refuse to play the victim. Refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism and negativity "REFUSE TO QUIT". Be a warrior and work through whatever life tosses your way with courage ,love and positivity continually pushing forward. You're a survivor of the unfairness of life, you're stronger than you think,you're capable of achieving far more than you believe !!!

Make peace with the past if you want hope for the future , it's huge change of pace but you find peace in the midst of the chaos . Everything change when you remember who you was, it kinda slows down, it's like you face the world head on to feel alive. Everything gets to you ,you become aimless and lost . They say if we don't learn from our past mistakes (then how will we learn), a heart can only take so much ,we fear with age we've reached our limit. The past can be intoxicating, it can draw you in, create the illusion that things will become better,you're happier,more experiences were richer back then, it can also debilitate you...

Leaving you stuck with your memories of pain, heartbreak and disappointment, holding you back from even attempting another shot of happiness. They say if we don't learn from our past mistakes ,we're bound to repeat them,but can we also learn to let go of the past ? . Learn to forge ahead keeping the knowledge close but not letting it overtake our ability to try again, to feel again. When things don't go our way we feel betrayed ,we ask alot of "WHY'S " so many questions still unanswered. I made it a point that if you in my circle ,and in my circle you are going to be negative and toxic them I'm gonna have to cut you off, I don't care who you are I'm gonna cut you off !!!

I'm not gonna think twice about it or have regrets about it ,if you are toxic and negative in my circle you gone . It's as simple as that ,I don't care if you family ,I don't care if you my friend , I just don't care if you are toxic you gone ...


Stay safe



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