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Sometimes we keep the candle burning till the end for no reason ,

when the brightness already kicked in,(similar to life) we in the light yet we allow ourselves to stay in darkness ,we feel we need to keep the lights on all the time, burning brightly but we do actually need a dark place at times to rethink our steps ,see were we missed a beat or a tune in our life's daily routine ,take a step back see how we can make the wrongs right again,Feeling sorry for yourself...doesn't save you,we are living in a freaking claustrophobic time,sometimes we feel like taking a break is the last resort it won't save you but believe me we all need a break from our daily lifestyle,and that's on you and you know its on you ,feeling sorry for yourself doesn't save you,you not gonna get closure ,answers or get better until you take the time to decide why you did what you did or why you allowed situations and misunderstanding to make you do what you did, you blow up your own life and profoundly hurt and humiliate yourself, we need to take inventory, name our demons, clean up our own messes,you may not seem to get things back the way they were,but if you honestly look at yourself maybe you won't repeat the same pattern again,we are super human yourll know that right ,we have the ability to cut through crap...we also need to take time for ourselves to go away and scream, I don't know just do something but take more than a minute to see how special you are,and yes even super humans need more than a minute to grieve the person that made you who you are so restart and relive your life ,we think was this world always this messed up or did we not pay attention,cos we notice more now than we did before, we need to embrace life ,embracing every minute we alive may seem like a freaking torcher (sensory deprivation ) you can stop or pause but always restart and replay ...let the beat of life go on...


Stay safe


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Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
Jun 02, 2021

Great job

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