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People say I've changed, I didn't really change at all , I simply found the strength and courage to take off the mask and be what I am. I've realized if you don't fit into what people expect you to be, they usually don't like you "I'm at a point in my life I actually don't care" . I'm not looking for no man's approval or acceptance for the person I am. I love this person that I've become ...

Every scar ,scratch and flaw ,it's original and earned ,they all tell my story .

Im not asking anyone to understand me cos I don't understand myself. So then they say I've changed or there's something different about me ...that's not true at all !!!

I just decided to stop hiding all the things I knew everyone wouldn't like,

understand or approve of. It took me a lot of soul searching to find myself again, through all the pain and hurt I finally mustered up the courage to not live in pretense of the person I wasn't anymore . Yes I'm gonna shine with all my true colors, and I don't care what anyone thinks of me now or ever...

It's better to die as an original than live as a fake , so yea people here I am in all my glory ,weirdness and passionate wildness ...

Don't underestimate my fierce strength and don't expect me to play nice ,if you don't do the same. I give what I get and I always give everything and everyone my all. I don't love small and I don't do things halfway. But you'll always know were you stand with me. Maybe I will lose alot of family and friends and I'm ok with that . The people who get me will always be closest to my heart and that's what matters the most. Loving and living with authenticity rather than pretending with fake adoration...

So if anyone says I've changed , I'm different or they don't understand what happened to me , they never understood me to begin with, this is my time to rise and reach for the stars .

Rise or Fall ,Succeed or Fail ,at least I'll always do it my way !!!


Stay safe



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