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My fire in you is meant to be loved by the wild not understood by the weak, call me stubborn ,difficult whatever you like it doesn't bother me. I've heard it all before from weak people that couldn't handle me . Im the incorrigible feisty fiery one , the woman who don't want to fall but just can't help it. I say to myself stop take a breath ...this too shall pass,let it go . It's time to release all negative feelings, bad thoughts and find yourself again . You've been living from day to day fighting for breaths of fresh air and simply surviving ...

You deserve better than to merely exist like you have been, there is greatness inside you ,dreams and talents that you've forgotten along the way you did what you had to do to keep going .

Close your eyes and think back to the hopes ,dreams and goals that you once had . They're still there waiting for you ,you've been struggling for so long that you've forgotten what once inspired you . It's time to remember those things that you once wanted and start believing in yourself ,your future and your possibilities again. Before you tell me that you can't , or that you don't know how,listen to me ...

You can and you've always been able to be more, do more and fly high.

You've just forgotten your wings somewhere along the way . Step back and remember who you are, the hope and dreams you once had and find a way to start believing again . It's always been there inside you, I'm here to tell you that you're meant for so much more ,if you can't find a way to believe in yourself again ,take some of my hope and belief . There's greatness in you ,you got lost in survival mode far too long !!!

Take it all back ,your voice ,your magic ,your dreams, your future, you ain't the person that yesterday knew anymore. You're a beautiful brave soul that can do anything, nobody can go there for you ,but someone can walk with you until you find your wings again . It's a new day full of possibilities and dreams, stop telling yourself what you can't do, and start believing in what you can do. Spread your wings once more its your time to fly ...your dreams are waiting go catch them!!!


Stay safe



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