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Head up dear you got this !!!

You may have gotten up today and felt the weight of the world on your shoulders. It doesn't matter where you've been or how hard your road has been ,today you have another chance ... to spread your wings and start to soar, to climb out of darkness that holds you back .Begin to believe in all the things you've lost along the way (LOVE HOPE JOY)

Every end is a new beginning and every sunrise is new possibilities...

You may have had hard a rough time lately, But you're still here ,you're still standing. Stop worrying about the why,

the when and start living. You've been struggling day to day ,moment to moment for far to long. You're capable of so much more, you deserve more .

Maybe you're stopped believing in yourself because of some circumstances that has caused you to doubt your capabilities. Enough with the negativity, remind yourself who you are ,you are strong, beautiful and unique in all the ways that matters.

If anyone that can't see that in you , well they don't deserve to be apart of your life !!!

You're more than enough , you're just lost your magic and dreams. Starting today I ask you to take back your life ,

Start listening to your heart and soul.

Forget the critics and insecure people that keep trying to bring you down .

You better than that ,stop settling and start remembering how to fly...its never to late to start flying again. It will take some time ,courage and patience but you can do it. Firstly let go of all burdens of hate, guilt and sadness of yesterday and start embracing today. I can't tell you it's gonna be easy, painless or quick ,

But I can promise you that it will all be worth it !!!

So take a step and start believing again, in your dreams ,in new possibilities, new relationships, you can do anything,you set your mind to accomplish. After all you got this far , keep going no matter what happens or how it gets ,you just keep moving . Don't forget to wear your warrior wings ,bring out your warrior heart, fierce crown and loving soul too .

Smile and be proud ,you made it this far ,you got this and you always will ...


Stay safe



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