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Wise woman once said to me, your pain only makes you stronger brave lady!!!

I find it best not to look at the past ,the past is like a dream, there's memories that best stays in the past ,yet there's memories that moulded us into what we've become. Mosaic of images and feelings that offers us some truth of how we got here ,even if details are blurred with time . As the years past we realize we're nothing more than the experiences that made us, pain brings you closer together with reality. Watching us grow from the past is helping us find ourselves again . Sometimes I wonder are these my memories ? Life stucks but we are in control ...

Eventually this broken soul of mine will finally heal, I always move forward with hope in my heart . Eventually there will come a day when I'm no longer falling apart ,the clouds will lift ,the sun will shine. I'll smile in the mirror and say , "Yes this life is mine " ; I won't give up ,I wont lose hope , until that day I'll continue to cope with all my fears and anxieties. After all they're all pieces of me , I'll just keep faking it until I feel something real !!!

People think they know me,they got me figured out ,they don't know half of it ,becareful what you spout. No one really knows what's really broken me ,

Or how far I've actually climbed. No one knows what almost buried me, or how often I've barely survived . The things I carry inside me can never be phathomed, this pain that is only mine to bear . Instead of judging me for who you think I am ...try being kind and considerate, humble and caring ,cost you nothing to be kindhearted and loving !!! The woman I am now is not the woman I once was ...


Stay safe



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