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Some people face the fire...I became the fire . All started with shattered dreams and endless pain , everything was taken from me , everyone I loved became a memory. I learnt how to survive as a young newly wedded lady and I never stopped learning . I became stronger cos I had to (I had no option but to fend for myself), I'd become happier cos I also learnt independence. I've become smarter cos I learnt from my mistakes ,not cos I wanted to but because I had to. Diamond is forged under pressure, I found my brilliance through the fiery forges of a hard life ...

Every twist in your life's journey is either meant to hurt you or teach you .

I was clawed ,fought and rose stronger from life's battles , there was no easier path for me ,but I created a indomitable spirit . I fell down along the way too many times , and lost my spark a time or two, that's when I discovered how to rise again as the fire, passion moved me and failure thought me,courage forged me. I'm a woman that could not and would not stay defeated. Pain turned my wounds into wisdom and tragedies into triumphs !!!

Although I was knocked down too often ,I always rose again stronger and wiser. I may not be eye candy but I'm definitely soul food - the sort of person you'd never forget, beautiful in ways that defied reason, with an incandescent spirit. I've always knew what I'm bringing to the table , I'm definitely not afraid to dine alone.

My scars represent my life's journey, I wear them with proud defiance.

I say to anyone throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack , I'm called by so many people ( flawed lady ,beautiful disaster,gorgeous mess)

I don't care less ,i've lived my life with labels ,judgemental criticism, didn't bother me at all. It wasn't about who I was or what I had ,it was about who I really was !!!

I don't need approval or acceptance ,I love me ,i love my choices and i love the life I made for myself . I'll always be more than a spark, a light or a flame,I'm a roaring wildfire ,utterly unforgettable and unique. Most people survive the flame ,I have become the fire and I regret nothing...


Stay safe



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