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You either shine or you burn , I'd say throw me in the fire and watch me rise up like a Phoenix. People live and die by their words, words they can shape our thoughts and deeds ,often they define us. Once spoken we cannot take it back, they have severe impact , so choose them wisely , make them meaningful and not hurtful. Make your life worthy of them especially your last words, my last words would be "let people forget my name so long as my words and good deeds are remembered by the way I loved and lived" (I lived life, and I fought life and mostly I conquered life) !!!

I've been broken so many times,I never quit ,I simply restarted over and over again. I can't understand why? I know im a good person cos everyone in my world tells me so,whatever I do in any aspect of my life it ends up hurting me . All I want is a quiet ,normal peaceful life, and receive the love that I give .

I've had numerous years of hardship ,one thing I realized is I always came out much more stronger ,vigilant, attentive, and definitely a survivor.

Most of the stuff I went through could have easily broken me ,but the feisty warrior inside me ,didn't allow me to sink !!!

Im broken ,damaged and everything in between ,I'm still here, still standing, still surviving . I didn't have any other choice but to fight to survive , I'm tired of being broken ,damaged and everything in between . The storm clouds need to part and the sun needs to shine...I'm always trying the "you got this" just breath . I'm broke ,I'm very much broken into a million pieces !

No one will ever feel the pain I felt and the emptiness that followed ,I'm on a path to finding all my broken pieces and putting them back together. Only this time ,I'm using glue that sticks ...

My heart truly feels the pain, no one will know what you going through, I don't think anybody can truly understand what people go through, even if they've gone through it themselves. I truly hope we all find all our broken pieces ,so that they can all go back together like a puzzle perfectly fitted. If there's this one piece of you that's still missing to complete yourself ,you hunt your world to find it, no matter what it takes,oh how long it takes, you never stop till you feel completely complete !!!


Stay safe


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