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Navigate turbulent waters ...this is how we strong woman role . We faint ,we parry , we approach, we retreat, like a cobra and a mongoose dancing . I realized when someone is drowning, you can try to save them , but not if they gonna drag you down with them .Here's this thing about fear...fear is always there ,we have the fear of the unknown ,fear of facing it alone, fear that those closest to you who are the monsters, fear that as soon as you slay one ,another monster appears waiting to take its place ,fear that there's one boogie man out to get you !!!

I'm the kinda person who's dangerous when I'm hurt, I can easily destroy anything around me but I don't, I destroy myself instead "emotionally ".

I believe in blocking people ,I believe in asking people to leave my home , I believe in unfriending toxic people, why?. Because you not gonna make me feel bad in my own space "that's why ?".

I have to keep going,even when it's scary ,even when all my strength seems gone, I keep picking myself back up and moving forward . Whatever we battling with in this moment ,will soon pass and we will make it through . We have made it this far and we will surely make it through whatever comes next ...

Everyone has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once could do some amazing stuff if you'd let go of who you were and what you've been told you can't do. You're ain't who you were yesterday . Today is a new and so are you . See yourself for what you are right now, you can do anything you set your mind to're a beautiful brave soul capable of doing anything. I can't go there for you ,but I can walk with you until you find your wings !!!



Stay safe


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